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We know the internet. We know social media. We know the trends. We know style. We know Corpus Christi. We know the Coastal Bend. We know South Texas. We know what is RAD.

Many clients in many industries have told us that we are ahead of our time, that we belong in places like Austin or California, that Corpus Christi hasn’t progressed to our level yet, she isn’t ready for us. We hear this a lot. Like more times than we have fingers and toes.

While that is ultra-flattering, we believe that Corpus Christi is the perfect fit for us. Our ability to think outside-the-box and mesh multiple industries together allow us to be Pioneers, not Copycatters.

We do a lot of things (see our Services) which allow us to overlap ideologies, services and industries. 

Do you think Fashion week is a good time to promote a band, a restaurant and a comedian? We did. Utilizing their swag, gear and products we integrated them into a successful runway fashion show.

Oh yeah, we build robots too, with AI and everything. Bet you don’t know another Marketing Agency that can do that.

Let’s create something unique
Contact us to schedule a time we can sit down and go over your ideas. We love thinking outside-the-box and creating custom plans or packages to help solve problems and issues.

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We are located in the historic Furman Plaza in downtown Corpus Christi.

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