We are located in the historic Furman Plaza on the iconic Peoples Street in downtown Corpus Christi.

RAD Octopus is a multi-faceted business that encompasses multiple industries.

We are RAD Octopus

An octopus has eight tentacles that are very strong. We offer many services and products in several industries using our strength, skillset and experience to our advantage.

An octopus also has three hearts. This is another representation of our business.

ONE – We care about our customers and partners. Without you we don’t exist. We want to build long lasting relationships.

TWO – We care about our products and services, we put a lot of love in everything we do. We are not happy until you are happy.

THREE – We care about our suppliers. We build strong relationships with our suppliers that provide top notch products and services that we can relay to our customers and partners.

Business slang “octopus” also means something likened to an octopus, as an organization with many forms of far-reaching influence or control. We occupy many industries and provide a vast amount of services and products.

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We are located in the historic Furman Plaza in downtown Corpus Christi.

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    RAD Octopus is a member of the United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce